Our leadership team, under the direction of Bishop David Kemp, is focused on making sure that each church in the Dakotas and Montana have every oppurtunity to reach the members of their community for the cause of Christ. 

Regional Administrative Bishop


Bishop DAVID KEMP came to the North Central Region after serving thirty-seven years as a pastor and two years as Director of Church Ministries for the Church of God in South Carolina.

He is married to Sonja, his wife of 42 years, and they have two children (both married) and have six virtually-perfect grandchildren.



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Regional Women's Ministries Director


Sonja Kemp is married to David Kemp, Bishop of the North Central Region for the Church of God.





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Regional Youth and Discipleship Director

Chris Ondrovich

Pastor Chris Ondrovich originally from Hamilton, Ohio. Not only serving the North Central Region as Youth Director but also serves as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Church of God in Dickinson, ND.

Chris has a passion to see every Church in the NCR to have a thriving Youth and Children’s ministry in their church.

He is married to Christa, his wife for 18 years, and they have two children: Jaden and Alyssa.

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Regional Girl's Club Coordinator

Christa Ondrovich

Christa Ondrovich is married to Chris Ondrovich, Youth Director of the North Central Region for the Church of God. Christa has served as the music committee chair for many years and takes great pleasure in leading our region in worship services. Outside of serving our great region Christa teaches ELL at Dickinson Middle School. 



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